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cGMP Certification

Is your Business cGMP Certified?

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How can your facility prepare for the upcoming FDA regulations, get a competitive advantage, and ensure a safe and consistent product for consumers? That answer is easy — The first step is cGMP Certification.


Growing Marijuana

From mom selection, to cloning, to fertilization, cultivation is the process of growing cannabis plants through harvest. Correctly logging each stage of the process, what chemicals are used, and proper testing can ensure a compliant facility.


Growing Cannabis

Making cannabis products for consumption, topical application, inhalation, etc., is manufacturing’s prime directive. Whether extracting oils, or baking brownies, products must attain health and safety approval before becoming available to the public.


Dispensary Consulting

Dispensaries are the retail stores where all cannabis products are sold, from Flower, to edibles to concentrates. Making sure the products you sell have been properly approved and are safe to consume is paramount to your business.


Hemp Consulting

Hemp is a strain of cannabis grown specifically for industrial uses such as paper or clothing. What separates hemp from other forms of cannabis, are lower levels of the psychoactive THC and higher levels of CBD, the latter of which is extracted for medical purposes.


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Cannabis Consulting

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What to Expect with Product Recalls for for Cannabis Science Tech

What to Expect with Product Recalls for for Cannabis Science Tech

This is an excerpt from an article found on Cannabis Science and technology FULL ARTICLE In the cannabis industry there seems to be a misconception that your company will never have a recall in its lifetime, or that there isn’t any possibility it will ever happen to...

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