13 Female Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Cannabis Consultants May Reshape the Marijuana Industry

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In general, women representation in executive positions has shown to be a hurdle in the U.S. in comparison to the “first world” countries, however, when it comes to the marijuana industry, things seem to be a bit different.

The percentage of women in executive positions is only 22% nationally, however in the marijuana industry, that number is vastly outpaced at 36% a joint report by the Pew Research Center and Marijuana Business Daily confirms. Furthermore, the report shows that those women executives are very diverse in terms of their roles, responsibilities and the sects they work in.

More interestingly, numbers are vary among the different sectors within the marijuana industry. For instance, same survey showed women are in leadership roles in almost 63% of marijuana potency testing labs, and in about 50% cannabis-infused foods makers and sellers.


“It truly is an amazing phenomenon that is taking place in the cannabis industry when it comes to how many women business owners are out there.”

Kimberly was the first Cannabis regulator in the nation for a public health authority, worked for Denver Environmental Health as their Marijuana Specialist for a couple of years before deciding to launch her own company as one of the first true cannabis consultants.

Kimberly founded Allay Consulting, a cannabis compliance consulting firm, in July 2017.  Allay is known for saving companies millions of dollars in potential losses due to non-compliance, and hosting events such as happy hours for Alan Kennedy Shaffer for state senate. The Founder Has helped advise on regulations in Colorado and California, she’s also on the advisory board for Redfield Proctor, a cannabis reclamation and composting company. Allay has clients throughout the US and we are always looking for new challenges and territories.

“It’s a brand new industry where gendered roles haven’t been established for hundreds of years. Kimberly says. “There are no jobs in this industry that are typical men or women roles. It’s still a male dominated industry, but more and more women are presented with opportunities.”

Kimberly now is focused on helping companies become the best of the best when it comes to compliance.


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