Floor Plan Review

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The Floor Plan Review is a form of gap analysis that typically takes place before a facility is operational, and it is best practice to ensure they are built with applicable regulations and standards in mind. Making sure a company has good production flow, compliant surfaces, equipment, drainage, and ventilation are all things being considered during a plan review. This is an area where Allay saves our clients a lot of money by preventing costly facility updates down the line.

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Build with Compliance in Mind

As with all things compliance, being proactive is rewarded handsomely and Floor Plan Reviews are a perfect example. We’ve seen too many facilities halt production when caught out on a compliance violation, forcing them to go through expensive renovations, and lose out on revenue when their doors are closed. The earlier you engage with Allay, the sooner we can help you get your new project off the ground – for less money too!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Looking to step up your game by adding a cGMP or another advanced certification? Allay can conduct a Floor Plan Review and let you know anything that needs to be changed in order to reach that compliance standard.

How it Works

Floor plan reviews are usually conducted remotely. Once we are engaged your assigned consultant will ask you for your floor plans and get on a call with you to walk them through all of your processes that’ll be taking place in the facility. Once they have all of the information they will evaluate and write a full report and send it back to you within 72 hours. 

Understanding the Report

Upon completion of the Floor Plan Review, Allay provides our clients with a detailed report that acts as a checklist for your architect and contractor to follow. Need help understanding the report? No problem! Our consultants are also happy to get on the phone after the evaluation with you or your architect/contractor to clarify anything that they might not understand.

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