Gap Analysis (Mock Audits)

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Thinking about buying a cannabis company or investing in one but don’t know enough about compliance to know if it’s a great idea? Already have the facility that needs a regulatory review? Allay Consulting frequently conducts facility audits to ensure state specific compliance, cGMP, GACP, OSHA, ISO, and organic compliance. This is typically the first step when seeking to achieve various certifications. Start with a gap analysis to understand your company’s compliance pitfalls. Allay provides a detailed roadmap of each step your business must take before becoming compliant.

The Process

What is it?

These gap analyses are designed to evaluate the facility, find the compliance pitfalls that might exist, and see where your company stands compliance wise. This will also give Allay consultants a starting point in moving forward in your compliance program. Starting is easy…

Pick your Standard

Allay can perform GAP analysis for the following compliance standards:

  • cGMP
  • GACP
  • OSHA
  • ISO
  • Organic

Get Started Fast

Simply choose the certification standard or compliance and we will schedule a one-time audit of a facility.  Within 72 hours of the end of the audit, Allay will provide your company with a full report including all Violations observed, Concerns, and Talking points. 

Need More Hours?

If a contract for a 12 month package is signed, all of these services will be included in that package, you may use those hours for what you need at the time.


If an SOP evaluation is requested, Allay will evaluate all of your current SOP’s to see if you are missing any documentation required to receive cGMP certification. This is not a review of the completeness or competence of the already existing documents, just if they exist and if there are any missing that need to be written.

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