Allay Cannabis Consulting Opens Oregon Office Amid West Coast Industry Growth

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PORTLAND, Ore.–()–Hemp, CBD and THC-cannabis compliance consulting firm Allay announced today the opening of its new office in Portland, Oregon. The expansion adds convenience and value for licensed cultivators, processors and retailers throughout the West Coast.

Allay, founded by one of the nation’s first designated cannabis regulators, assists stakeholders at every stage of the seed-to-sale process to ensure regulatory compliance across operations. The consulting firm continues to serve clients nationwide and internationally from its headquarters in Colorado.

“The Oregon market in both THC and hemp is considerable, but so are the regulations,” said Kim Stuck, CEO and Founder of Allay. “It’s our mission to ensure our clients operate in full compliance and can flex with regulatory changes, so they can focus on their products and services.”

Given the evolving nature of hemp regulatory oversight, Allay’s goal is to support businesses with actionable insight on compliance challenges.

By expanding, the Allay team can more easily perform necessary on-site evaluations and audits, offering a comprehensive approach to product and food safety, OSHA and fire compliance, cGMP and ISO certifications.

“Our goal at Allay is to be a true partner for companies and help ensure their success,” said Ms. Stuck.

As 2020 comes to a close, Allay is preparing for new regulations on the horizon and plans to continue expansion into 2021.


About Allay Consulting

Whether your business involves CBD, THC or both, Allay Consulting serves the hemp and cannabis industries to ensure regulatory compliance across all operations. We work with cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, investors and other stakeholders across the U.S. to develop customized strategies and avoid compliance pitfalls. Drawing from years of experience working on the regulatory side of the equation, our team is well-versed in rulemaking lingo and best practices, from product and food safety, to cGMP and ISO certifications, to OSHA and fire compliance, to due diligence audits. Comprehensive knowledge of evolving regulations and unwavering attention to detail are central to Allay Consulting. We put your compliance worries to bed so you can focus on your products and services. 

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