Allay Consulting February Newsletter: Updates to the Hemp Industry – House Bill 5587

House Bill 5587 – Now that’s one exciting hemp HB!!

House Bill 5587 was introduced January 13th 2020 and would allow hemp derived CBD to be lawfully included in dietary supplements and/or food.

If passed, this bill would amend the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act regulations to exempt hemp derived CBD to allow it to be an ingredient in a food and/or dietary supplement. Currently, the FDA does not allow CBD to be a supplement or food. This would provide a clear direction for the hemp industry and create better standards for food safety, labeling and overall transparency for consumers.

Additionally, the second section of House Bill 5587 includes conducting various marketability studies and a report of its findings. The overall theme of the study is to better understand regulatory barriers for producers operating under domestic hemp production programs. Specifically, looking into the costs and requirements for establishing and operating a hemp testing facility and the destruction of hemp crops over the 0.3% THC including opportunities for remediation and/or alternative uses.

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