Allay Consulting January Newsletter: GMP in the Marijuana & Hemp Industry

What is GMP?

“GMP” is a major buzz acronym in the cannabis world, but what is it and how can it benefit your company?

GMP stands for: Good Manufacturing Practices and is enforced by the FDA under Title 21 CFR in the US. GMP ultimately sets baseline requirements for the manufacturer to ensure that their products are consistently high in quality and safe for general consumption.

Many cannabis manufacturers desire this certification to show their customers they hold themselves to a higher health and sanitation standards than is required at this time. Becoming GMP certified demonstrates a commitment to consumer safety and can be a major market differentiator.

GMP sounds great, but what’s the problem??

Unfortunately, many companies are falsely claiming to be GMP certified. So, to clear up confusion, there is a difference between being GMP compliant and GMP certified.

In order to be certified, your company must be audited and certified by an accredited certifying body – the FDA is not an accredited certifying body. Consultants cannot certify companies for GMP either, they can only provide assistance to gain GMP compliance to prepare for the actual GMP audit/certification.

So you’re GMP certified… very cool but show me the proof. Companies claiming to be GMP certified should be able to provide verification of the certifying body they used and their certificate.

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