Allay Launches New Psilocybin Compliance Consulting Division

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PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hemp, CBD, THC-cannabis and now psilocybin compliance consulting firm Allay today announced the launch of a new division focused on supporting businesses with the regulation of the newly legalized therapeutic psilocybin market in Oregon and any states that follow.

Allay, founded by one of the nation’s first designated cannabis regulators, assists stakeholders in highly regulated industries across all operations to obtain licensure and ensure long-term compliance at the federal, state and local levels.

“We’re passionate about plant medicine and are well positioned to help companies produce safe plant-based products,” said Kim Stuck, CEO and Founder of Allay. “Even if psilocybin sales are a couple of years away, as the cannabis and hemp industries have taught us, having regulatory compliance baked into the business model’s DNA is a key differentiator for long-term success and scalable growth.”

Allay, which serves clients nationwide and internationally, offers a comprehensive approach to product and food safety, OSHA and fire compliance, cGMP and ISO certifications. The firm is adding a Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) specialization to the psilocybin compliance consulting division, expanding its consumable products safety knowledge and offerings.

“We’re accustomed to working in emerging industries and understand the challenge in preparing for regulations that have yet to be created,” said Ms. Stuck.

As of January 2021, Ms. Stuck has applied to help craft Oregon’s historic new regulations.


About Allay Consulting

Whether your business involves CBD, THC or both, Allay Consulting serves the hemp and cannabis industries to ensure regulatory compliance across all operations. We work with cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, investors and other stakeholders across the U.S. to develop customized strategies and avoid compliance pitfalls. Drawing from years of experience working on the regulatory side of the equation, our team is well-versed in rulemaking lingo and best practices, from product and food safety, to cGMP and ISO certifications, to OSHA and fire compliance, to due diligence audits. Comprehensive knowledge of evolving regulations and unwavering attention to detail are central to Allay Consulting. We put your compliance worries to bed so you can focus on your products and services.



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