Allay Members Appear on The Hoban Minute Podcast

Episode Overview

In this week’s episode of The Hoban Minute, Bob and Xavier are joined by Kim Stuck and Kelsey Hanley of Allay Consulting. Allay is a leader in cannabis and psychedelics compliance and works with licensed operators across the United States to ensure that their business meets all required obligations in those highly-regulated industries. Kim and Kelsey have a unique background that includes an introduction to cannabis from an enforcement perspective: they both were members of Colorado’s Department of Health and Environment’s cannabis task force in the early days of Colorado’s medical and adult-use industry. Kim, Kelsey, Xavier, and Bob cover a range of topics including Allay’s origin story, the top compliance mistakes cannabis operators make, how compliance should be wielded as an asset and revenue generator, and how the cannabis and psychedelics industries may or may not align.

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