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Proud Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) Advocate

food safety consultants

Agricor Laboratories

Testing Laboratory


Agricor Laboratories is a state-certified  marijuana testing laboratory based in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to provide the most accurate, transparent, and consistent laboratory services for Colorado marijuana cultivators and infused product manufacturers.


A national non-profit focused on consumer and industry education regarding clean and sustainable production of cannabis.

Cannabis Packaging Consultants


Custom Packaging


Our packaging company was started in 2015 by two sisters who believe that every company, no matter its size, should have the choice to showcase its brand through its packaging while aligning its ethos kindly with the planet.

SUSTAINABILITY: Our airtight packaging is made from FDA approved 100% single stream recyclable material with an organic enzyme additive which allows for accelerated degradation in under 5 years when your boxes end up in landfills.

OUR PRODUCTS: All STO products are proudly manufactured in the USA allowing for swift turn-around times and short leads. We stock our boxes in white, black, clear and can also match any custom Pantone color.  We are fully CR certified in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the EU.  Your brand can expand far and wide, we’ve got you covered.

cannabis consulting company


Extraction Equipment


PurePressure is a dedicated team committed to making the very best solventless extraction equipment. Quality is our primary concern and we are uncompromising when it comes to our products, educational resources, and customer service.

Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a Service

Marketing Services


We are true business consultants and entrepreneurs who help you understand the modern world of marketing, develop a holistic strategy, implement a realistic plan, and then we do the work. In the process, we commit to your organization through a high-touch, seamless partnership.

Cannabis Trade Federation


Digital Signage, Advertisements & Analytics


GreenScreens helps dispensaries with their digital signage needs by providing a way to easily control & automate their TV menus, so they can focus on what’s important. GreenScreens also provides a point of sale advertising solution to brands. We don’t just put up your ads but we prove it’s working by showing you the dispensary sales data behind your campaign.


Sensi Magazine is a pro-cannabis publication with regional monthly editions in Denver/Boulder, Southern Colorado, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, Las Vegas, and Boston. Sensi is committed to quality and dedicated to showcasing “the new normal” in the post-prohibition world. The lifestyle magazine appeals to a sophisticated audience of cannabis-curious readers who are as interested in reading about the top brunches in town as they are the best topicals to treat back pain. Sensi launched in Denver/Boulder in May 2016 and was honored as Publication of the Year in the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards. Sensi publishers will soon be launching editions in markets like Phoenix, Florida, Pennsylvania, Seattle, and Northern California with plans to expand to 60+ markets in the US in 2018.

RizePoint Quality Management


Quality Management Software


RizePoint helps you go from reactive to proactive as you improve your quality, safety, and supplier programs. Our quality management software empowers you to collect and analyze meaningful data to spot trends and improve results.

Cannabis Cultivation Consulting


Public Relations and Content Agency


Grasslands is a Journalism-Minded Agency is a full-service public relations and content agency specializing in highly-regulated industries. Our services include best-in-class Public Relations, Content Marketing, Social Media, Thought Leadership work, Newsletter Campaigns, Book Development and Event Execution for businesses and executives. We tell stories, build brands and amplify value.

colorado marijuana business consulting

Roundhouse Consulting

Consulting Services


Roundhouse Consulting is a mixed service consulting agency serving the cannabis industry. Our expertise in the cannabis space grew from our past endeavors in digital marketing and creative design and has expanded to include cannabis payment processing, financial services, as well as our full-service marketing offerings. Whether you need branding advice, a reliable way to accept card payments, or a full custom marketing strategy, Roundhouse Consulting is your advocate in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Food Consulting

Cannabis Kitchen Supply

Cannabis Operation Supplies


Cannabis Kitchen Supplies is THE one-stop-shop for all of your compliant commercial equipment and consumable supplies. For more than 3 years, Cannabis Kitchen Supplies has been providing food-safe equipment and supplies to the Cannabis industry at the lowest prices and with world class service. At CKS, you can find PPE (gloves, Tyvek, goggles, etc.), bulk packaging, ultra-low freezers, decarb/vac ovens, rotovaps, extractors, chemicals & solvents, beakers, scales, stainless steel tables, sinks, sheet pans and racks, shelving, and janitorial supplies…just to name a few examples.

Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

Gannett Fleming

Design and Construction


Gannett Fleming is a design/consulting firm serving the food and beverage, hemp/CBD, fragrance and flavor, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation and infrastructure, and many other markets.  With over 2,500 employees, and over 100 years of experience, we are strategically positioned across the US and Canada in 60+ offices to serve the varying needs of our clients.  Gannett Fleming is ISO 9001:2015 Certified, and provides complete design-build and EPC services, including many disciplines of design and construction; structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, process design, automation, fire protection, and beyond.

Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

Resolution Security

Real-Time Proactive Security


Resolution Security’s Remote Video Surveillance is the most sophisticated critical criminal deterrence program in the world. Using State-of-the-Art analytical software, our algorithms along with trained surveillance operators detect and report criminal activity, such as attempted break-ins, internal shrinkage, as well as monitor product and inventory.

colorado marijuana business consulting


Workforce Management


Würk exists to help underserved businesses fortify, comply, and thrive in the face of uncertain regulatory environments. Designed specifically for emerging and highly regulated industries, our platform allows employers to protect and streamline their operations, while providing an environment where employees are a priority every step of the way. Our intuitive, all-in-one solution automates the most complicated and risk-prone processes associated with recruiting, scheduling, and paying employees.


At Feldmann Nagel Margulis, we represent entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking to enter and thrive in the medical & recreational marijuana business industry. Our goal is to ensure our clients are 100% compliant with all rules and regulations in the industry. As a result of this emerging industry, there are a number of significant and complex hurdles—particularly at the Federal level—that entrepreneurs and businesses face. Our marijuana business lawyers are extensively familiar with local, state, and federal laws, and stay on top of the ever-changing industry. We can help you understand what laws apply to your situation and ensure your business succeeds and stays 100% compliant with all rules and regulations.

Every time we take on a new client, we obtain a complete understanding of the client’s unique objectives, and we are passionate about making sure their specific needs are met. We are relentless in providing our clients with the highest-quality representation possible. Feldmann Nagel Margulis is licensed in over 15 states, and we have past experience working directly in the marijuana field.

Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

Jonesing Labs

Cannabis Extraction and Refining


Jonesing Labs is a boutique consulting firm offering high-level R&D support for the extraction and refining of Cannabis.

Hemp Consulting


Recruiting & Search Services


Jobplex leads the cannabis industry in offering diversified recruiting and search services for next generation executive leaders. Our customized search offerings provide solutions from a Single Search to Project Recruitment. We partner with you to make finding your Master Grower, Chief Compliance Officer, or Sales Director a simple, affordable, repeatable process that doesn’t suck.  

marijuana cultivation consultant

Miller Soils LLC

Sustainable Soil


At Miller Soils, we are committed to using natural ingredients and sustainable practices, and we do our best to mimic natural biological systems. Even when producing carbon-rich biochar, we’re reducing our carbon footprint to closing the loops in our supply chain, we mean it when we say natural! We focus on reducing / reduce your smaller costs on our end, by providing you with high-quality, ready-to-use products and services right to your door.
Miller Soils works hard to bring extra quality and productivity to the grower’s enterprise – and we do it with an eye towards long-term sustainability. In fact, Miller Soils got its start as an effort to turn forestry wastes from wildland-urban interface treatments into valuable organic soil amendments like biochar and compost.

Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

BSI Group America

Quality Management & Training


BSI is the global solutions partner that helps organizations all over the world make excellence a habit. For more than a century, we have been challenging mediocrity and complacency to help embed excellence into the way people and products work. That means showing businesses how to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth.  BSI has solutions to support the Cannabis Business with Industry Best Practice and Regulatory Compliance, including HACCP & GMP, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, and Training Solutions

Cannabis Software Consulting




Flowhub is the most compliant and easy-to-use software for cannabis businesses. Whether you’re opening a new dispensary or expanding to multiple locations, Flowhub’s award winning seed to sale software and unmatched customer service will help you create the best possible experience for your customers. More than 300 of the largest retailers and cultivators in the United States trust Flowhub to process over $1B in cannabis sales annually. 

Cannabis Environmental Consulting


Environmental Remediation & Cleaning 


Zeroclene is a safe, effective, non-detergent cleaner that provides a deeper, better clean than traditional choices. Detergent based cleaners – even ‘green’ cleaners – leave a sticky residue on contact, pulling soils from shoes, hands, carts, and anything else they touch. Zeroclene contains no detergents at all, which means it can remove tough soils and bio-film with no residue for a truly clean surface that lasts twice as long as those cleaned with detergents. Best of all, Zeroclene contains no VOCs, oxidizers, or dyes that can harm the environment.

Cannabis Security

Rogue Security Group

Security Services


Rogue Security Group, LLC offers armed and unarmed security guards, facility security and armored transport. We recognizes that our employees are an extension of your business’s appearance and we take that seriously. Our professionalism, appearance and customer service will leave a lasting impression on your customers and managers. 

MMJ Financial Solutions

MMJ Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions


MMJ Financial Solutions continues to work to hard to find the best available solutions for Processing, Banking and Loans to meet the needs of dispensaries, cultivators, ancillary, and other high risk businesses. 

Cannabis Compliance Software


Compliance Software

Azara is a set of web and mobile tools that keeps your cannabis business compliant. By eliminating traditional paper files, we make regulation documentation easy. Azara stays up to date with regulations and assists in reducing your risk of fines from State audits. Allowing your business to focus on growth and not paperwork.
Cannabis Sustainability


Sustainability Solutions


Sustainabis offers practical sustainability solutions for the cannabis industry including Dispensaries, Grows,and MIPs.Using scientific, social, and economic methods, we are able to create a holistic and unique approach for your business that aligns the Three P’s: People, Planet and Profit. By staying true to the nature of sustainability and developing strategic partnerships we are able to provide a broader range of services with expert support. With years of experience in both the sustainability and cannabis fields, our team has a proven track record of delivering successful plans and recommendations for both the public and private sector.

Cannabis Cultivation Consultants

Smart Grow Pros

Cannabis Cultivation Consultants


Smart Grow Pros is a boutique cannabis and big agricultural consultancy driven to help businesses achieve their full potential through smart planning, rock-solid execution and unrivaled support. We are fueled by the overwhelming desire to seed a professional industry with as-yet-unrealized potential. Our years of experience and proprietary design framework are proof of our commitment to seeing each and every crop through to harvest.

Cannabis Accounting Experts

Platinum Tax Group

Strategic Tax and Cost Reduction

Sean Covi, CFP®, works in partnership with Platinum Tax Group, GMG and others to help cannabis companies find hidden money and put it back in the owner(s) pocket. Savings is often over six figures. Hemp businesses are no longer restricted by 280E and some THC cannabis businesses have opportunities to reduce costs as well. Sean also partners with CPA’s and accounting professionals as his team’s work is usually non-accounting related data gathering and documentation so many CPA’s don’t introduce these strategies to businesses because their firm does not provide the required non-accounting related service. Be in the know about how you can keep more profit – set up a call with Sean today.
Cannabis Cultivation Consultants


Cannabis Cultivation Management

Artemis is the market leading Cultivation Management Platform for enterprise indoor, greenhouse and high tunnel farms. The CMP enables growers to optimize their facilities for profitability by providing a bird’s eye view of facility productivity and compliance, allowing growers to track all their operations and production data in one place. Artemis can integrate with all of your existing systems (climate control, accounting, ERP, etc.), help manage risk, leverage data insights and even track workflows, automate task management and forecast labor hours.
Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Sustainable Greenhouse Solutions


Ceres creates optimal growing environments by harnessing full-spectrum sunlight and controlled climate technologies to ensure the highest yields and the highest quality, at the lowest operating costs. Beyond just a greenhouse company, we also offer climate control support and data analysis for peak performance.

Konope Compliance

Konope Compliance

Dispensary Training


Founded by a cannabis industry veteran with a decade of first-hand experience, Konope Compliance offers a State of Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment approved Responsible Vendor Training course for dispensary management and retail staff. Whether it’s an in-person lead training or an online, on-demand course, Konope Compliance makes it more convenient and more affordable than ever to achieve a Responsible Vendor certification for your Colorado dispensary license.

Best in Grow Cannabis Consultants

Best in Grow

Workforce Management & Employee Engagement Software


Best in Grow is a software platform designed to harness the power of the cannabis industry’s most powerful influencers — point of sale employees (a.k.a. “budtenders”). 92% of consumers take the exact recommendation of the budtender when making a purchase in the dispensary, meaning cannabis brands and retailers alike are desperate to optimize the performance of these critical employees. Via the Best in Grow platform every dispensary employee from the C-suite to the dispensary counter can communicate, track performance, engage with company culture, access and execute on critical training, maintain SOPs and brand standards, and much more, while brands can gain access to an unparalleled trade marketing network of budtenders to educate, advertise, and engage with their most powerful potential advocates. Best in Grow is currently operational in Colorado, California, and Washington and is currently onboarding clients in Massachusetts and Canada.

Best in Grow Cannabis Consultants

The Sattva Group

Indoor Horticultural Solutions


The Sattva Group helps indoor farmers optimize healthy plant growth. TSGoffers and installs a curated suite of indoor horticultural solutions in:

LED Lighting

Light-Activated, Environmental Services

Quality Control and Regulatory Standards

Cannabis Accounting

ACM Accounting

Audit – Tax – Advisory


ACM is a locally owned, full-service Rocky Mountain Regional public accounting firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in Northern Colorado, Boulder, and Laramie, Wyoming. We pride ourselves in offering you a world-class experience by providing clear solutions to your complex business and financial challenges.

Since our founding in 2002, we have been committed to delivering the most trusted, relationship-based accounting, tax, and consulting services available. We focus on developing deep industry knowledge and putting together engagement teams with expertise to serve our clients. It the combination of our team of highly skilled and passionate professionals, unique delivery model, and global reach that enables us to deliver on the commitment, day in and day out.

ACM has been recognized by Accounting TodayColoradoBiz Magazine and the Denver Business Journal for rapid growth over the past decade and our desirable work environment.

CBD Sourcing

Kola Authentix

Hemp Cannabinoids


Kola Authentix strengthens the supply chains of new companies and established Consumer Packaged Goods companies seeking clean, compliant cannabinoid inputs and finished products.

We provide access to cannabinoids, formulations, and specific hemp genetics authenticated by our in-house pharmacist and produced in laboratories adhering to our stringent standards.  By authenticating each step of the cannabinoid supply chain, we are able to meet and exceed our clients’ compliance and quality assurance requirements.


We all have diverse backgrounds in the cannabis industry, each of us skilled and experienced with various tools and techniques. We were powerful on our own, but when we combined forces in 2017, we created a cannabis marketing supergroup! Dispensaries, cultivators, ancillary businesses, B2B and B2C, we can do it all because we’ve done it all.

Best in Grow Cannabis Consultants


License Renewals & Project Management


Providing full support cannabis license renewals to project management, implementing ultra-efficient work processes through contract services, Canna Support Services is ready to tackle any challenge and put you on the path to success.


General Liability – This covers any accident that would happen on the property. Sometimes we call this slip and fall. So if someone were to come in and get hurt on the property the business is protected.

Property – This covers all the building if it is owned and all the contents. Often called fire protection but theft and other perils are also included. This includes crop.

Product Liability – This is if the product were to hurt someone and the company was found liable.

Workman’s Comp – For an employee that was hurt on the job.

K-Struction Consulting

K-Struction Consulting

Facility Construction


K-Struction Consulting only offers products and services we are experts at.  That is why we only provide products and services that we stand behind 100% and client satisfaction is our top priority. Our philosophy is client driven: Simple Solutions. Fast.  

  • Lab Room Design and Layout 
  • Gas Detection System
  • Professional Engineer Stamped Drawings 
  • Dry Chemical Fire Protection System 
  • Extraction Booth Exhaust/Intake Fans
  • C1D1 Rated Booth LED Lights 
  • Top of the Class Extraction Equipment
  • Custom Size Extraction Booth 
  • Security/Card Access/Camera System 
  • Life Safety Site Report (What the local AHJ and Fire Department will require for Fire Protection?) 
  • Inspection, Test, and Maintenance Program
  • Special Site/Facility Makeup Request 
Best in Grow Cannabis Consultants

EXP Reality

Residential Real Estate Services



Specializing in serving Business owners, Entrepreneurs, and Start-Ups. No Tax returns? No W2? Ask about our Bank Statement Loans!

Best in Grow Cannabis Consultants


Cannabis Data Entry Made Easy


GeoShepard™ is the first to market automated cannabis system. We solve 2 major issues:

  • GeoScale™ – We automate the weighing of product to reduce labor and rework. 
  • GeoTrack™ – We automate the manual move, change growth phase, and plant destruction to increase efficiency and accuracy.

NUTRITION. STRATEGY. SOLUTIONS is an Outsourced Innovation, Strategy, & Management Firm that works with Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical, Nutrition, & CBD Companies – from Entrepreneurial start-ups to Global Conglomerates.

We help Identify your Opportunities, Quantify your Needs, translate them into Custom-Tailored Products and Services, and Align the Business for Sustainability Challenges int he 21st Century to drive your business objectives and capture profit. Our Disruptive Business Model with Outsourced Innovation allows you to focus on core business activities while we drive Innovation to capture new market space and outpace the competition.

HAL Extraction

HAL Extraction

Extraction Hoods


HAL Extraction is a group of individuals dedicated to providing the safest and most cost-effective CID1 and C1D2 extraction solutions for plant oil extraction facilities.

Cannabis Extrators

ExtractionTek Solutions

Closed Loop Hydrocarbon Extractors


Established in 2011, ExtractionTek Solutions sprouted from the Denver landscape in response to the demand for quality-manufactured, safe and efficient, cannabis extraction machines designed to run propane and butane. Open blasting with hydrocarbons was gaining in popularity and ExtractionTek determined there needed to be an extraction machine built for these highly efficient hydrocarbons, as solvents. Upon inception, ETS began work on the design that created an industry. Our first unit, The lhbes-1200 was released and the rest is closed-loop, cannabis extraction history.

Cannabis Quality Assurance

SGS Group

Quality & Integrity Consulting


SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 97,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world.

Cannabis Cosortium

The Cannabis Consortium

Interest Group


The Cannabis Consortium is a trusted, committed, and connected ancillary cannabis business community that is geared towards supporting all cannabis businesses to promote compliant practices, federal legalization, and normalization of the industry. All members are true professionals that care deeply about their clients and will do anything in their power to assist Cannabis companies in their long term business goals.

Cannabis Quality Assurance

Aurum Labs

Cannabis Testing Lab


Aurum Labs deliver fast, accurate, and affordable results and offer a tailored customer experience, so your products get the attention they deserve.

ISO Accredited & State Certified to provide all your testing needs and more.

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