Cannabis Food Safety Training Course

Cannabis Food Safety





Class Description

This course outlines Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) within almost all aspects of the cannabis industry. In the course we discuss compliant facility build outs, proper sanitation, Compliant Equipment, Temperature controls, ingredient sourcing, contamination issues, and much more. The course was developed and is taught by the first “Marijuana Specialist” to work for a public health authority in the nation in Denver CO; our very own Kim Stuck.

Topics We Will Cover

Food Safety Overview
Causes of foodborne illness, highly susceptible populations and worker illness
Personal hygiene and food handling practices
Approved sources of food
Potentially hazardous foods and food temperatures
Sanitization and chemical use
Emergency procedures (fire, flood, sewer backup)

Product Manufacturing
Hand washing
Facility Build out
Extraction Concerns
Cannabis Oil
Sanitation Practices
Temperature control
Ingredient Sourcing
Logs and documentation

Dispensary Food Safety
Cleaning and sanitation
Employee Food and Drink
Product Sourcing
Product handling
Product storage

Grow Food Safety
Facility Layout
Pest Control
Humidity control
Product Handling
Contamination problems
Documentation needed

Regulatory bodies to be aware of
Department of Agriculture
Fire Department
Zoning/ Excise and Licensing

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