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Dispensaries are the retail stores where all cannabis products are sold, from Flower, to edibles to concentrates. Make sure the products you sell have been properly approved and are safe to consume with our Dispensary Consulting services.

Key Insights

Regulator Inspections

One minute you are having a regular day and the next minute you have a complete stranger in your facility grilling you on refrigerator temperatures, chemical storage, and CBD products.

CDB/ Product Sourcing
Not all products have been evaluated as safe to be sold in your dispensaries. Know what products are safe to be sold in order to reduce the risk of holds or disposals.

As cannabis is not yet legal on a federal level, banks that operate on the federal level do not provide banking services to any business with a cannabis license.

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Cannabis compliance made simple.

 Dispensary Consulting and professional services to protect your investments and enable ongoing growth.

Topics of Interest


Obtaining and maintaining your business licenses, cannabis licenses, local, state, etc., can be as unruly as it is frustrating. While licensing can be a burden, staying up to date can be the difference in keeping your doors open or not.

Product Purchasing

Selecting high quality, approved, and licensed products for your store is vital. If you decide to sell a product without checking background and approvals, you are running the risk of holds, disposals or a poor customer experience.


Correctly labeling your products can be difficult as the required information is always changing. From contents and quantity labels, to intoxication warnings, proper labeling can keep customers safe, and protect your company from fines and recalls.

New Facility Build Outs

Starting a new grow facility requires expertise in both functionality (plan review) and in regulations. With our cannabis consultants, we can help you avoid any missteps or oversights which could mean starting over from square one.


From noting hazardous chemicals, to proper temperature parameters, signage has many benefits in the cannabis facility. Knowing which is required by law and which helps employees understand and follow regulations, is paramount.


Former regulators. Countless Certifications. With Allay, you get the industry’s best and brightest.
Dispensary Consulting

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