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When a consumer sees your product on the shelf, labeling is one of the first things that jumps out at them. Unfortunately, designing the correct labels for products can be difficult when so much of it is mandated by regulatory standards. Avoiding false statements and broad health claims can be difficult to try to navigate through as an emerging business.

At Allay, we ensure that your labeling is compliant in order to help keep customers safe, keep your products on the shelf, and protect your company from fines and recalls.

how we help

Show your Best Face

Labels can be tricky and if not done correctly the first time, and can be costly to replace. Our label reviews are quick and inexpensive and will evaluate the full label. Once engaged your assigned consultant will ask you to send over all pictures of your labels for review. If they need clarity about something on the labels they will request a phone call or send an email with the questions they have.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Looking to step up your game by adding a cGMP or another advanced certification? Allay can conduct a Label Review and let you know anything that needs to be changed in order to reach that compliance standard.


How it Works

Within 72 hours of engagement, your Allay consultant will provide you with a full report that breaks down where your labels stand today, and where they need to be. If you have any questions or need clarity you are welcome to schedule a call to go through the report with the consultant that conducted the review.

Understanding the Report

Upon completion of the Label Review, Allay provides our clients with a detailed report that acts as a checklist for you to follow. Need help understanding the report? No problem! Our consultants are also happy to get on the phone after the evaluation with you to clarify anything that they might not understand.


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