Making products for consumption, topical application, inhalation, etc., is the prime directive of cannabis manufacturing. Whether extracting oils, or baking brownies, products must attain health and safety approval before becoming available to the public.

Key Insights

Ingredient Sourcing

Where are you buying your food ingredients from? Where were they manufactured? Are they made for human consumption?

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Above and beyond SOP’s

Certain SOP’s are required in all facilities, but in many cases the company should have more SOP’s than required in order to show that their company is above and beyond compliant, and there is proof that they are taking steps to avoid risk.
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Cross Contamination

Knowing what to do if a cultivator sells you tainted product and what approvals you need to sell your product in dispensaries could help your company name stay out of press releases, avoid recalls, and protect your business.

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Topics of Interest


Obtaining and maintaining your business licenses, whether cannabis, local, state, etc., can be as unruly and frustrating. While licensing can be a burden, staying up to date can be the difference in keeping your doors open or not.

FDA/ Food Safety Standards Upgrade

Food Safety Standards cover everything from employee hygiene, to food handling, to temperature control requirements, etc. While some counties have regular health department inspections, others are still working towards it. Upgrading to good food safety standards now can reduce the risk of outbreaks, hefty fines, or even closure.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Writing

An SOP, is a set of step-by-step instructions to help workers carry out routine operations. With our unique approach to marijuana buisness consulting, we build SOPs to achieve efficiency and performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations

Shelf Stability/ Product Approvals

Just like any other food or beverage in your grocery store, the ingredients within cannabis products should be screened for basic food safety, allergens and refrigeration requirements, before they can go to market. In some counties this is already required, and in the future, will be required by more local health departments and eventually the FDA.

Food Safety or Compliance Training

During regular inspections, our consultants can train your staff on emerging issues, points of emphasis, regulation changes, and ways to improve facility compliance.

New Facility Build Outs

Starting a new grow facility requires expertise in both functionality (plan review) and in regulations (fire, building dept). With our cannabis consultants, we can help you avoid any missteps or oversights which could mean starting over from square one.


From noting hazardous chemicals, to illuminating exits, signage has many benefits in the cannabis facility. Knowing which is required by law and which helps employees understand and follow regulations, is paramount.


Creating a record of your various processes, be it sanitation, refrigeration, or dishwasher temp, etc, can help you easily maintain compliance and protect the products you are making from the possibility of disposals, outbreaks, and recalls.


Correctly labeling your products can be difficult as the required information is always changing. From contents and quantity labels, to intoxication warnings, proper labeling can keep customers safe, and protect your company from fines and recalls.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Similar to hardhats on construction sites, manufacturing environments can be dangerous and sometimes require special equipment to protect employees and your product from contamination.


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