METRC Training Course

June 18th

Metrc Classes

Class Description

Allay Cannabis Consulting is offering a personal and focused METRC training course for Marijuana Infused Products Manufacturer Licenses in Colorado. Marijuana Licenses are unfortunately undereducated when using this required inventory tracking system leading to countless mistakes. This coincides with wasted time resolving issues, resulting in declining productivity and profits. Current training, through Metrc’s parent company Franwell, is an hour-long pre-recorded video that cannot be paused, nor can the attendee ask questions in real time.

Allay’s class provides the opportunity for employees to follow along on a laptop computer in a classroom setting and physically go through processes in Metrc with our compliance instructors. They provide shortcuts and tips that guide each Metrc user more efficiently, along with developing investigative skills. This three-hour class provides insights on how to correct mistakes and properly track and document information to ensure compliancy.


June 18th

4:30pm – 8:00pm


Taxi Working Space

3575 Ringsby Court

Denver, CO

Topics we will cover

General Tips and Reminders

Creating Packages

Investigating Mistakes

Transferring Product

Creating Manifests

Testing Regulations

Package Adjustments

Creating Data Reports

Conducting Inventory Audits

Best Practices for Compliance

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