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Marijuana Edibles and Cross-Contamination Risks

This is an excerpt from an article found on FULL ARTICLE As marijuana is being legalized in certain states, people are using it in many forms, including edibles. Unfortunately, food safety isn’t always top-of-mind when preparing marijuana edibles, and...

The Importance of SOP’s

Certain Cannabis SOP ’s are required in all facilities. However, in order to create a record of compliance and to avoid risk it is often beneficial for companies to have many more SOP’s than required. At the company level, SOP’s are a set of step-by-step instructions...

Banking in the Cannabis Industry

In the Cannabis Banking world, most banks refuse even the most basic functions to anyone with a cannabis license. As a result, businesses are faced with numerous issues from security to paying taxes, and are scrambling for a better solution. At the moment cannabis is...

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