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Not only is OSHA the highest fining division in the US, but workplace safety procedures help companies be the best they can be, especially when it comes to ensuring your staff goes home the same way they arrived. It is the job of the company to ensure that the work environment they are providing is safe, so being compliant with OSHA is an absolute must especially since the rescheduling talk began. You will need OSHA compliance in both cultivation and manufacturing facilities alike. Be prepared now so that a surprise visit doesn’t cost you more than your company can handle.

We love supporting our clients with mitigating risk and increasing safety at the workplace. If you want to learn more about OSHA compliance in the cannabis industry, check out Vicente Sederberg’s webinar featuring Kelsey Hanley with Allay: OSHA Compliance in the Cannabis Industry.

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Gap Analysis Audits

Gap Analysis Audits of facility to identify any OSHA violations and fix them while on site or through corrective action. This is always the first step in becoming compliant with worker safety standards.

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SOP Writing

There are particular SOP’s that are required by OSHA and not by other state regulatory agencies, many that you might not be aware of. Allay can write all of the missing documentation so that you aren’t caught out of compliance.

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Staff Training

It is an OSHA requirement to properly train your staff about OSHA compliance regularly. Allay can train staff, develop an internal training, and develop documentation proving the training took place. Being proactive is the best thing for OSHA compliance.

Reactive Consulting

Have you received a violation notice from OSHA? This is happening more and more. Allay can help you get compliant quickly to reduce total fines and closure time. We can also communicate directly with the OSHA regulators to ensure we are fulfilling their specific requirements.

Full OSHA Package

If you want to be fully compliant, all of these services above would be included in a retainer contract. Periodic OSHA Audits, SOP/document writing, consulting, and staff training, to ensure your entire program is compliant.

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The Need For Oversight

Regulatory oversight of workplace safety is much-needed, especially in the booming cannabis industry. The OSHA standards are “written in blood,” meaning the regulations most likely stemmed from a terrible incident observed at a place of work. The regulated cannabis industry is young, yet we are seeing more workplace safety issues make the news in the saddest way possible.

Fines for Noncompliance

OSHA incentivizes companies to abide by their standards by using hefty fines! And we mean hefty… the most serious penalty for a willful or repeated violation has a maximum of $136,532 per violation (1). Other than a monetary financial fine, other consequences may include criminal fines (employers have been sentenced to prison in extreme cases), disruptions to your business, time loss, and ultimately your revenue loss. It’s essential for your business to be well prepared prior to OSHA’s visit: for your bottom line, your employee’s safety, and your business’s reputation. Not only are employers required to provide a safe working environment, companies must also keep multiple records of work-related injuries or illnesses and various safety programs.

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