Tips To Keep Your Cannabis Grow Op From Being Shuttered By Inspectors

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Sooner or later, all commercial growers will hear the knock of compliance inspectors at their door, announced or unannounced, welcome or very unwelcome.

In fact, if you’re a licensed producer in an established market, you’re probably already accustomed to inspectors at your facility. But that doesn’t make inspection less troubling. Laws change. Maintaining staff compliance is tough. And while everyone recognizes the importance of safety regulations, it’s simply a pain in the ass.

Kimberly Stuck, Denver’s original “Weed Whacker,” knows the problem from both sides of the compliance equation.

As Denver Department of Public Health & Environment’s first so-called marijuana specialist, she destroyed millions of dollars of market-ready cannabis, earning her the “Weed Whacker” moniker from local growers. But then, as she became more involved in the industry, she realized she wanted to help cultivators become compliant, not just dole out punishment as a and cannabis growing consultant.

“In the early days of Colorado’s rec legalization, growers were actually happy to see regulators — generally — because it meant it was legal,” says Stuck. “We had to rely on the industry for education and help writing laws.”

Now, Stuck applies that in-the-trenches regulatory experience to help growers stay compliant. Her Denver-based company, Allay Cannabis Consulting, helps cultivation and extraction clients develop compliance plans to meet their own state’s unique requirements.

She was recently kind enough to sit down with Big Buds Magazine for a little chitchat. And, lucky for you, she shared the four biggest areas where cultivators fall down on compliance and get fined — or worse — and how to avoid those pitfalls.


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