Cannabis Training Courses

Allay Cannabis Consulting is pleased to begin offering Cannabis Training courses.  In these live events, our team of compliance instructors will walk you through common pitfalls, give you insight into industry best practices and offer opportunities to answer questions in real time. Have concerns or interests in a specific subject? Contact us today!


Cannabis Food Safety Training Courses

METRC Training Courses

METRC Training Course – June 22th, 2019

METRC Training Course Saturday June 22th, 20191:00pm – 5:00pm Taxi Working Space3575 Ringsby CourtDenver, CO Class Description Allay Cannabis Consulting is offering a personal and focused METRC training course for Marijuana Infused Products Manufacturer Licenses in...

METRC Training Course – June 18th, 2019

METRC Training Course Tuesday June 18th, 20194:30pm – 8:00pm Taxi Working Space3575 Ringsby CourtDenver, CO Class Description Allay Cannabis Consulting is offering a personal and focused METRC training course for Marijuana Infused Products Manufacturer Licenses in...


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Cannabis Consulting

Common Services

Baseline Assessment

At Allay Consulting, we understand that every facility has different needs, must comply with different regulations and ultimately has their own unique way of doings things. In our Baseline Assessment, we seek to establish baselines and understand how your facility works, in order to determine compliance gaps and how to fill them. This visit is always followed with a written Compliance Evaluation of the facility.

Monthly Facility Audit

Monthly Facility Audits only occur after a contract has been signed with Allay. The true value of these facility evaluations, do not just come from walking through your facilities, and pointing out violations. Instead, Allay Consultants aim to create a compliance culture your organization, by educating your staff on why regulations each regulation exists. The more your employees understand, the easier it is to stay compliant. These monthly visits can either be scheduled or a surprise to your employees to simulate a real regulatory inspection.

Incoming Product Approval

Occasionally, some products make it into Dispensaries that have yet to garner the proper approvals. If your facility is caught with these products, you could be the one facing holds or fines. By reviewing each product before it makes it to your inventory, you can cut out unnecessary risk.

Individual Product Evaluation Packets

Eventually, the FDA will require every product on the market to be evaluated and approved. The Individual Product Evaluation Packet is an easy way to organize each product made in your facility, so they are easily available to regulators. Avoid costly shutdowns by gathering and preparing all the relevant product information, before they ask.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

Whether you are in the licensing process, securing investments or are merely trying to outline the correct way of doing things, creating SOP’s can be tedious and time consuming. Whether you need your SOP’s updated, written completely or marijuana business consulting, Allay can help.

Compliance Evaluation Report

The Compliance Evaluation is a written report delivered after the completion of the Baseline Assessment outlining violations in your facility. This report will explain each violation and the regulations that they apply to. NO corrective actions will be taken during the Baseline Assessment nor will they be outlined in the Compliance Evaluation. This report is a surface level outline for the company to understand what should be changed in the facility to gain compliance.

Comprehensive Compliance Report

The Comprehensive Compliance Report is a written document to be emailed to the owner and managers of each facility, within 48 hours of a Monthly Facility Audit. This report outlines everything discussed during the visit from pain points, to compliance questions, thoroughly describing violations, how they have been corrected, or necessary next steps.

METRC Compliance

The METRC inventory tracking system is mandated in many states across the US today, and more states are implementing this software as the industry progresses. With the experience of our METRC experts, we’re here to help you with everything from software implementation and management to best practices for your operation. We can provide state specific METRC training, audits, and clean ups.

Independent Health & Sanitation Audits

The MED or other state cannabis regulatory agency may require your facility to undergo a Health and Sanitary Audit. You can hire Allay Consulting to conduct the audit for you. We use the extensive audit system required to prevent loss of license for your facility.

Compliance Consultants On-Demand

If you have a question, feel free to call and ask about our Cannabis Consulting Services. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, no regulations are set in stone. Laws that exist today, may not exist tomorrow… and we may find six more in its place! By hiring Cannabis Consultants or Compliance Consultants On-Demand, you get a resource to track these changes for you, explain each one relevant to you in a way that makes it easy to understand and ultimately, outline steps you need to take, to comply.

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