Hemp is a strain of cannabis grown specifically for industrial uses such as paper or clothing. What separates hemp from other forms of cannabis, are lower levels of the psychoactive THC and higher levels of CBD, the latter of which is extracted for medical purposes.

Key Insights

CBD Sourcing

CBD is an amazing cannabinoid that has all kinds of positive medical applications. But, it will soon be regulated by the CDPHE, DEH and FDA.

Pesticide Contamination
How much contamination is too much contamination?  Regularly test your plants before a recall order or disposal is required. Learn More
Shelf Stability Approvals

When a new product is made in a regular wholesale kitchen the FDA conducts a product evaluation for products and decides if they require refrigeration or if it can be sold at room temperature.

Cannabis compliance made simple.

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Topics of Interest


Obtaining and maintaining your business licenses, department of agriculture, local, state, etc., can be as unruly as it is frustrating. While licensing can be a burden, staying up to date can be the difference in keeping your doors open or not.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Writing

An SOP, is a set of step-by-step instructions to help workers carry out routine operations. SOPs aim to achieve efficiency and performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations.

CBD Source Approvals

A CBD Source approval is the process of assessing if your facility is safe to cultivate products or ingredients, and if the product itself is safe for sale. These are required to sell your products in certain counties and could soon be required nationwide.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Similar to hardhats on construction sites, manufacturing environments can be dangerous and sometimes require special equipment to protect employees and your product from contamination.

New Facility Build Outs

Starting a new facility requires expertise in both functionality (plan review) and in regulations (fire, building dept). Any missteps or oversights could mean starting over from square one.


Creating a record of your various processes, be it sanitation, refrigeration, pesticide applications, etc, can help you easily maintain compliance and protect the products you are making from the possibility of disposals, outbreaks, and recalls.

Hemp and CBD Product Compliance

While, hemp farms and CBD product manufacturers are not currently regulated, it is only a matter of time until they are. Whether you need facility build outs, food safety education, compliance training or hemp consulting, etc., Allay can help your organization rise up to standard.

FDA/ Food Safety Standards Upgrade

Food Safety Standards cover everything from employee hygiene, to food handling, to temperature control requirements, etc. While some counties have regular health department inspections, others are still working towards it. Upgrading to good food safety standards now can reduce the risk of outbreaks, hefty fines, or even closure.


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Hemp Consulting

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